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Alberto Biasi

"The artistic figure of Alberto Biasi is one of the most consistent and influential in the field of what has been called in Italy arte Software, and elsewhere optical art, or who is also qualified by the term kinetics.

The work of Biasi belongs to the great season of Modernity and neoavanguardia, and contemporary - if not before - the experience Gestalt European, especially French and German, while it is certainly ahead of the so-called Op Art American.

The initial intention to work in group, the desire to make measurable perception, the desire to do the work of art a universal perceptual system add to his work - and a few other of those years - a utopian value that makes it even more emblematic of a world of values ​​related to the construction of a model of perception world, Gestalt perception of which was a kind of metaphor, a test of how linguistically sector could and should be the new artistic horizons and human.” (Marco Meneguzzo, of Art a part of cult(hours), remove background noise, 5 May 2011)

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