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Giuseppe Guerreschi

Many are the writings of Joseph Guerreschi, The bibliography of this Milanese painter is vast. I want to remember him in the intense moments that we shared with my husband, when we came to visit us and illustrating his amazing etchings, starting from the early sixties , until his death prematurely just fifty-six years in Nice.

Browse the stacks of graphics , perceiving under our fingertips strength of the burin, the incision suffered in describing the dramatic content, became a ritual where they joined the deeper considerations about the war, on its "Judeo period",on the female figure devastated and offended . Everything is dramatic in its absolute realism, where there's no place for free, for indifference. His hand in the design is effective, the strong mark of quality and extraordinary.

The use of colored pencils incredibly balanced and decisive. Some large paintings, violent, descriptive and exciting recounting the war in Greece ,have accompanied me for so many years creandomi always exciting and intense pain ever, although the red blood and the wreckage were "real" as in realtà.La suffering Guerreschi filled his whole being, by his great stature to his giant hands ,I always remember that when they took my leave of the.

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