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Annamaria Carrain

Giuseppe Guerreschi

Many are the writings of Joseph Guerreschi, The bibliography of this Milanese painter is vast. I want to remember him in the intense moments that we shared with my husband, when we came to visit us and illustrating his amazing etchings, starting from the early sixties , until his death prematurely just fifty-six years in Nice.

Browse the stacks of graphics , perceiving under our fingertips strength of the burin, the incision suffered in describing the dramatic content, became a ritual where they joined the deeper considerations about the war, on its "Judeo period",on the female figure devastated and offended . Everything is dramatic in its absolute realism, where there's no place for free, for indifference. His hand in the design is effective, the strong mark of quality and extraordinary.

The use of colored pencils incredibly balanced and decisive. Some large paintings, violent, descriptive and exciting recounting the war in Greece ,have accompanied me for so many years creandomi always exciting and intense pain ever, although the red blood and the wreckage were "real" as in realtà.La suffering Guerreschi filled his whole being, by his great stature to his giant hands ,I always remember that when they took my leave of the.

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Leonardo Cremonini

Bolognese painter who moved in the fifties in Paris where he died in 2010. It was a very interesting man and his conversations over a glass of good wine and a plate of good food, were particularly vivid.

Friend and frequenter of the most important Milanese artists of the new figuration. Painter to all effects. In the fifties many of his paintings are in which are depicted in a very bloody animals to the slaughterhouse, sangue e carni macilente. With an extraordinary painting technique ,unable to create spaces of environmental and emotional intensity ranging from domestic interiors more ambiguous to the sunny beaches of Romagna or the island of Panarea.

The presence of children who run, playing blind man's buff, that appear restless or hide, is very frequent in his paintings, as the escape of female images.

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Arturo Bonfanti

Bergamo artist of rare human quality in addition to the great purity of his work. Always curious and eager to range between design, il teatro, la pittura, la scultura. His confidence and his modesty in porgersi is one of the most beautiful things that I can never remember my long experience in contact with the artists.

His painting that accompanies me on a daily basis, always manages to make me feel his physical presence. I seem to hear "tell" his finest paintings, in balance and tensione estrema. Its perfect designs, in which the lines of pencil vibrate and create its forms sometimes harsh sometimes sinuous. Transparent colors on pavatex. The oils on canvas compact and always in harmony with spaces.

Kurt Lewy

The first decades of the 900 are for the Belgian artist Kurt Lewy research and a discussion of constructivism that is evident in all of his painting. In the beautiful drawings on special papers, his colored pencils, his pastels, watercolors take prominence vibrant and geometric shapes without losing rigor-- soften in sinuous lines as if to get out of the limited space of the paper.

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Edoardo Landi

In the sixties there exists in Europe a new desire for change and the need to express through new forms, artistic sensations and emotions. Padua is in turmoil and will form the GROUP ENNE. Its components, five young teens, comparing, discuss, create works interesting using different materials, lights and kinetic movements that are viewed by the users with doubtful eye art.

Edoardo LANDI is an exponent. I remember his appearance: high, lean, sought in dress, cheerful and helpful. Tied to his group in continuous communication, always having in common the search for light and reflections kinetic, however, assumes its absolute stylistic, that will advance individually, in solitudine.

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Vladimir Makarenko

is a Ukrainian painter who settled for many years , as dissident, in Paris where he works and where I met him, with much enthusiasm and sympathy in the eighties just arrived in the big city in France. Many worldwide recognition exalt his meticulous work, poetic, dreamlike.

The preciousness of his painting, the imagination and the balance in the composition of his watercolors invite those who watch them more attention in every detail so hidden are full of surprises. The woman is one of his favorite subjects. It 's always shrouded in mystery, inserted into a fantasy world and descriptive that never leaves the one from which the artist comes.