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Emma Bonazzi

“The activity of the Bonazzi is part of the final of the Italian Art Nouveau Klimt that had attracted artists such different backgrounds and attitudes which Casorati, Chini, Jad, Alberto Martin (…).

The contact with the French culture of the Bonazzi involves connections with those Italian artists who travel or for election of domicile had landed on the banks of the Seine, by Umberto Brunelleschi in the first place, Lorenzi, at the same Alberto Martini, to name just a few of the many involved in that kind of painting and decorative graphic and illustrative of’Art Decò. It is that part of the art which must maintain, when evaluating historical and critical, a prominent role in the determination of customs and figurative tendencies engaging in a direct way the human sphere, from fashion to show”. (Anthony Storelli, in “Acts and memories of Clementine Academy in Bologna”, 1974).

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