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Flavio Costantini

“Haunted by the history of anarchism, of which from 1962 collects all possible documents to reconstruct the events graphically, Flavio Costantini, through the rigor of his gouaches that modulate the spot color, the contrast of the characteristic outline gnarled, filter-halo within which they materialize the figures of those of his anarchist, so closely related to the oppressed narrated by Kathe Kollwitz or by Ben Shahn, and with the skilful addition of evocative collage elements, returns the facts and humor with the passion of gesture Passanante or Ravachol.

Like a spider patient he embroiders metallic structures belle époque, weaves the bruises warps the suburbs beginning of the century, outlines, stone by stone, the network of cobbled neighborhoods Anonymous, relentless webs in which to catch and fix forever the anarchic gesture.

The functionality cold and geometric design of the facade of a building or tile a floor of a school gym, the suggestion of its findings: old labels, manifest testate e vintage, and the timeliness of his quotes, the railing of the balcony newsstand Newspaper, dall'addobbo to the conference room to the coffee Liberty, all conspire to carefully delineate the reality evoked by the obsessive detail and unsettling dreams, where the insistence of a particular expands and reverses the perspective.” (Paola Palottino, of L'Eternauta, 1982)

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