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Irene Kowaliska

"Faced with the work of Irene Kowaliska you run out of words, literally silent. The white that surrounds her small figure captures the silence of God. "To thee only silence is praise adequate, o Signore, o Irene”, it can be said.
This underlines our belief that by Vietri, tra le due guerre, passed only one absolute artist, only a poet, Irene Kowaliska.

All other "tedeschiesi" are good, son belli, are used, ma I.K. è un’altra cosa, è un’altra “casa” Madre. Has in it the sense of death (dell). And the extended life.
I.K. works by subtraction, the absolute minimum. She herself seems to feed on nothing, nothing, not yield to the slightest desire. You have to battle, its, in communion with his figures, made of little, abstinence, of atonement. " (Eduardo Alamaro, of Vietri pottery village, 2005)

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