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Manfredo Massironi

"Talking and thinking to Massironi equivalent to retrace the history of the last half century of research perceptual. The artistic climate in the late fifties was generally characterized by an informal atmosphere, an art in my opinion easy, that all they could do, to the point that the degeneration brought to enforce paintings also from chickens and monkeys with results not dissimilar to those of the artists.

However, someone eluded to this prevailing atmosphere looking to travel new roads belonging to the world of making mental. Young people who worked in places distant from each other and from conditions, background and training experiences very different, often not knowing the existence of each other, because no historian or critic had theorized what was happening.

But when the most varied circumstances brought them to meet, immediately recognize themselves as subjects of the same way of feeling, more oriented towards design and architecture, sociology and psychology with respect to individual artistic trends. A spontaneous germination that would have coagulated around Almir MAVIGNIER to start with the "New Trends". And Manfredo Massironi was among these young people. " (Getulio Alviani, in Flash Art n. 274, February to March 2009)

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